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Webinars: STATS Group

STATS Group are market leaders in the supply of pressurised pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries. STATS DNV GL type approved isolation tools provide leak-tight double block and bleed isolation that enables safe and efficient maintenance and repair of onshore, topsides and subsea pipeline infrastructure.

Their Process Plant Solutions offer hot-work barriers and localised hydrostatic test tools to verifying the integrity of welds or fittings, reducing system downtime, minimising environmental impact and increasing worksite safety. Mechanical pipe connectors replace the need for welding, significantly reducing expenditure and associated risks with hot-work.


Subsea Pipeline Tie-In & Repair Solutions: Real Cases, Real Results

This webinar will discuss real world examples where temporary isolation tools and mechanical repair solutions have been deployed subsea to ensure efficient repair, tie-in and modification of pressurised pipelines.

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Inline Pipeline Isolation as an Alternative to Line Stopping

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, STATS Group will introduce inline isolation tools for double block and bleed/monitor pipeline isolation for both onshore and offshore applications. Unlike traditional line stopping activities, piggable isolation tools require no welding or cutting into live lines, leaving no residual fittings or hardware on the pipeline.

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Real world examples of subsea pipeline repair and modification

ON DEMAND - This webinar will discuss real world examples where subsea solutions have been safely utilised to significantly reduce costs and project timescales during pipeline repair, maintenance and modification, and in some cases while production has remained uninterrupted.

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High integrity isolation solutions for CO2 and hydrogen pipelines

ON DEMAND - STATS Group present a webinar on industry leading double block and bleed isolation technology that can be utilised to isolate hydrogen and CO2 pipelines.

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Engineered solutions and innovative technologies to solve complex pipeline integrity challenges

ON DEMAND - This webinar discusses real world examples and case studies where STATS engineered solutions solved some of its clients' biggest challenges, often when alternative solutions did not exist.

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Industry leading hot tapping and plugging technology

ON DEMAND - This webinar explains the hydraulic deployment and setting of the plugging head, seal testing and verification, while highlighting the key advantages of the BISEP.

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Utilising double block isolation tools to reroute live pipelines without affecting production

ON DEMAND - This webinar discusses proven double block and bleed isolation technology that can be utilised to minimise or prevent shutting down critical pipelines while safely removing or re-routing pressurised pipelines.

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