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Equipment & safety

NTT to study hydrogen transportation

Study to advance the implementation of practical, stable transportation of hydrogen as a clean energy source across the globe.

Equinor’s 2Q22 safety results

Serious incident frequency remains at the same level as in 1Q22, while the frequency for personal injuries went up.



Making a stand

Plastic pipe stands ensure pipeline workers prioritise safety, suggests Ken Pilidis, Proline Pipe Equipment, Canada.


Keeping up with demand

2022 will be a banner year for the flowmeter markets, suggests Jesse Yoder, PhD, Flow Research, USA.


Repurposing, re-using, recycling

Repurposing redundant oil and gas infrastructure could unlock millions of pounds of untapped revenue for energy firms, argues Nick McNally, Commercial Director, Decom Engineering Ltd, UK.

More Equipment & safety news

Gauging the future

Geoff Wilkinson, Technical Director, Propipe, UK, discusses the benefits of utilising SMART gauge technology in a complex multi-diameter pipeline.

Guiding new inspection possibilities

Paul Jackson, Director of LRUT Centre of Excellence, Eddyfi Technologies, UK, discusses improving the efficiency of guided waves for conventional long range ultrasonic testing.

Mitigating the issue of pipeline corrosion

Martin van Onna, Chief Commercial Officer, Strohm, the Netherlands, discusses the benefits of fully bonded Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCPs).