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Special reports

Quality meets versatility

Resulting from decades of experience, BASF understands the oil and gas industry’s demands and continues to establish state-of-the-art solutions even for highly specialised applications like pipeline maintenance.

Sniffing out solutions

Kristof Verwaest and Bart Wauterickx, The Sniffers, Belgium, consider some of the challenges that extreme environments have on pipeline inspection operations.

Custom ILI tool inspects unpiggable multi-diameter pipeline

When a challenging multi-diameter buried pipeline in a populous area required inspection, Quest Integrity built a unique custom tool that successfully inspected the pipeline and provided critical insight on the pipeline’s condition.


Committing to a safety culture

Dawn Rivera, PipeLine Machinery International, USA, discusses safety’s impact on a successful pipeline project.

Providing an accurate measurement

Nicholas J. Clough and James McGinty, Orbital Gas Systems, USA, introduce an alternative way of measuring pipeline gas properties.

More Special reports news

Sound the alarm

Håkan Hansson, Axis Communications, Sweden, explains how security guard callouts can be reduced by adding network audio to video surveillance.

Remedies to maintain pipeline integrity

Pipeline coating failures can jeopardise pipeline integrity, resulting in leaks and, in some cases, ruptures caused by metal loss and stress corrosion cracking. Jim Banach, Specialty Polymer Coatings,  Inc., Canada, discusses how to ensure pipeline integrity with high performance coatings.

Creating new barriers with graphene

Applied Graphene Materials explains how the addition of graphene nano-platelets in epoxy coating systems can substantially improve the corrosion mitigation of these coatings.