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Special reports

Monitoring critical assets from afar

Matthew Hawkridge, Chief Technology Officer, Ovarro, explains the crucial role of remote telemetry units (RTUs) in optimising performance, safety and failure reductions in oil and gas pipelines.


The hunt for hard spots

Matt Romney, Senior Product Manager Global Pipeline Integrity, T.D. Williamson, USA, discusses how low-field magnetic inspection technology enhances general pipeline integrity.


Beneath the surface

Leveraging a variety of NDT modalities ensures the inspection process is optimised for accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness in assessing subsea assets, says Jonathan Bancroft, TSC Subsea, UK.


Building it right the first time

Cal Chapman, Chapman Engineering Inc., USA, argues that pipeline integrity management, and especially cathodic protection, is sustainability work.



A comprehensive approach to compliance

Russ Davis, MISTRAS Group, USA, writes about how to achieve ‘Mega Rule’ compliance by meeting the requirements on pipeline material properties and MAOP.


Should we rely on gas?

Julie Joly, Director of oil and gas programmes, Global Energy Monitor, USA, explains how the transition fuel myth drives the gas glut in Asia and beyond.

More Special reports news

Connecting the dots

World Pipelines talks to Wood about how Australia’s pipelines are playing a critical role in digitalisation and decarbonisation efforts.

Removing the guesswork

Aaron Madden, T.D. Williamson, USA, writes about how an algorithm can help ensure an effective emergency response.

Conquering digital distrust in Nigeria

Adeshina Adebusuyi, Regional Business Development at James Fisher AIS, provides a blueprint for overcoming the gaps in Nigeria’s oil and gas digital transformation journey.

Surge relief in liquid pipelines

Using the IoT to capture pressure data in real-time adds further functionality and analysis of surge events, says Eduardo Zani and Pedro Flores, Celeros Flow Technology, USA.