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Download technical white papers from the pipeline industry.


A Connected Work Checklist for EHSQ Managers and Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry

Intelex is excited to share with you the Connected Work Checklist for EHSQ Leaders and Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Published on the 15 April 2021

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The Advantages of High-Accuracy Corrosion Growth Assessment

This white paper from NDT Global discusses the importance of monitoring corrosion in pipelines, and how regular ultrasonic inline inspections can assist operators in safely managing the integrity of their pipeline.

Published on the 07 May 2019

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Measuring Crack Defects with Sub-Millimeter Accuracy

Evo Eclipse sizing technology results in accurate depth values for many flaws, typically below 0.8 mm (31 mil) tolerance. A combination of different datasets, characteristics, and sizing methodologies allows highly accurate inspection, with greatly reduced tolerances. Sub-millimeter accuracy for the entire range of flaws, including hook cracks, is now possible.

Published on the 01 April 2019

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