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Assessment of long seam welding in ERW and flash-welded pipes

Intero's CMFL sensor, integrated into the Pipe Explorer, enhances pipeline inspection, especially for long seam welds in unpiggable pipes, surpassing traditional methods and improving safety and maintenance.

Published on the 27 November 2023

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Innovative NDT Technique: The Key to More Efficient Surface Damage Inspection

Explore the game-changing potential of 3D scanning in NDT. This paper quantitatively compares it to traditional methods and offers solutions for the industry’s current challenges. Dive into the full white paper for in-depth insights.

Published on the 21 November 2023

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Toughbook for Utility Pipelines

Panasonic Connect plays a central role in the growth of the Panasonic Group’s B2B solutions business and provides new value to its customers by working with them on the ground, facing their challenges alongside them.

Published on the 08 November 2023

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High performance Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete: 30 year benchmark solution – ARO coating selection criteria

Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete has been for the past 30 years the preferred solution for HDD applications. The Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete is an abrasion-resistant coating that has been used in thousands of directional drill applications.

Published on the 01 November 2023

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The Power to Know More About Pipeline Anomalies

Humans use five senses to experience the world. Similarly, pipeline integrity is enhanced by combining multiple integrity data streams (MFL, SMFL, LFM, GEO, XYZ) for comprehensive anomaly inspection. Case studies show improved detection, classification, and sizing of various anomalies.

Published on the 01 October 2023

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5 key criteria to consider when choosing a tail winch

There are several key factors related to the intended application that must be evaluated when choosing a winch. This paper provides a helpful guide to select a winch that will best meet your needs.

Published on the 01 September 2023

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Geospatial Technology – The Foundation for Creating a Pipeline Digital Twin

This white paper dives deep into the realm of digital twins – virtual representations of physical entities – and how they're revolutionising the pipeline industry.

Published on the 06 July 2023

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Rental of pipeline equipment at Maats Pipeline Professionals

Renting high quality, well-maintained pipeline equipment from Maats offers contractors the advantages of low investment, high flexibility, Maats' expertise during the project, and modern equipment.

Published on the 01 June 2023

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