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Pipeline news updates


Carbon credits and their impact

Shidan Gouran, Co-Founder of BlueSphere Carbon, discusses the purchase of offsets by oil companies and the potential of carbon capture, utilisation and storage as a new revenue stream for the industry.

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A step closer to net-zero

World Pipelines talks to Faris Churcher, Oxford Flow, about repurposing existing gas grids for hydrogen.


Rethinking pipeline infrastructure

A vital issue for the industry is that many unanswered questions remain to be resolved before hydrogen becomes a mainstream clean fuel.


Temporary coatings for flanges

Removable coatings are a great way to ensure faster installation and less downtime by keeping corrosion away from the flange face.


Fuel for the future

We see CCUS as a first step in the transition to sustainable energy, with green hydrogen being the end goal, says Caroline Justet, Strohm.