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Utilising double block isolation tools to reroute live pipelines without affecting production

ON DEMAND - This webinar discusses proven double block and bleed isolation technology that can be utilised to minimise or prevent shutting down critical pipelines while safely removing or re-routing pressurised pipelines.

There are many reasons for re-routing or removing a section of pressurised pipeline, this can be due to city expansion where highly critical pipelines are relocated away from densely populated areas or at river crossings where buried pipelines have become damaged due to riverbed movement. Additionally, as pipelines reach the end of their design life they are required to be replaced or decommissioned.

As global demand for energy increases so do the consequences of any potential pipeline outage. Interference to this flow can have major consequences both commercially for the operator and more critically a potential shortfall in fuel supply to the client.

In cases where pipelines are required to be re-routed, without suitable double block isolation tools installed, it will be necessary to depressurise the entire section of pipeline to allow safe re-routing of the new section.


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