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Product news

ARDCO’s AMT can undertake numerous off-road applications

ARDCO introduced its articulating multipurpose trucks (AMT) at CONEXPO. The AMT's modular platform can be equipped with various attachments for pipeline work, including a pipe trailer configuration, personnel carrier, water and fuel tanks, among others.

HFT welcomes pipeline stoppers

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has welcomed a solution for leak tight pipe plugging in the oil and gas industry.


HFT introduces its new weld purge product

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has welcomed a product that helps to ensure oxide and coke free welds without the metallurgical imperfections caused to pipelines by oxygen exposure.

More Product news news

Vermeer introduces new HDD drill rod

Vermeer Corporation has recently announced the addition of its Silver Series drill rod to the company’s line of HDD tools and accessories.

HFT welcomes an extra gas purge for weld purging

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has introduced its PurgExtra inflatable tube and pipe purging systems, which provide an extra gas purge for weld purging tube and pipe joints.

Laurini invests in innovation

Laurini Officine Meccaniche is prototyping new sizes of its Vulcano 2.0 machine, a self-propelled radio-controlled vibrating screen on a tracked vehicle, to be presented officially in April 2017.