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Engineered solutions and innovative technologies to solve complex pipeline integrity challenges

ON DEMAND - This webinar discusses real world examples and case studies where STATS engineered solutions solved some of its clients' biggest challenges, often when alternative solutions did not exist.

Examples include:

  • Removal of a 2 t pig launch tray from a 48 in. high pressure gas transmission pipeline. STATS engineered solution allowed the tray to be safely retrieved 600 m while the pipeline remained at full pressure and under production flow.
  • Bespoke engineering interfaces to allow a new 36 in. gas pipeline to be pulled-in through the existing entry point in the platform gravity base structure, 180 m below sea level, whilst still providing full isolation between the inside of the platform leg and the seawater pressure outside.
  • The first onshore Pipe in Pipe (PiP) isolation to facilitate the extraction and replacement of a damaged section of pipe. Focusing on the technical challenges encountered and solutions developed for addressing the pre-strained forces incumbent in the PiP design.
  • Leak-tight pipeline isolation services on a range of pipelines from 3 - 54 in. as part of a larger restoration project at a major refinery in the Middle East. This scope presented many challenges that would push the limits of STATS current isolation technology and require further research and development to provide an engineered solution capable of isolating each pipeline including high temperature steam lines.
  • Hot tap installed double block and bleed isolation of high pressure 30 in. liquid CO2 pipelines operating at 148 bar. This allowed the safe retrofitting of launch and receive stations along the pipeline while production continued uninterrupted through a temporary bypass.

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