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Schneider Electric focuses on pipeline safety

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A new year brings new challenges, especially to the constantly evolving pipeline industry. Schneider Electric has risen to the occasion with its newest Pipeline Trainer 1.0 built on SimSuite 7 framework. Its re-engineered framework and modern infrastructure allow for more efficient and effective pipeline controller training.


In an industry where safety is paramount, pipeline controller error cannot occur. Pipeline Trainer 1.0 ensures pipeline controllers endure real-life scenarios regardless of the scope of the pipeline, better preparing them to respond to anything they face on the job.

Pipeline Trainer 1.0 also directly responds to the needs of customers, boasting a new architecture developed to enable cost-efficient modifications. The solution features three major areas of improvement:

  • First-of-its-kind scenario composer: Pipeline Trainer 1.0 responds to evolving technological needs of trainers by replacing the old text file method with a fully graphical, intuitive drag and drop feature. This simplifies the operational process and is the first-of-its-kind for the pipeline industry.
  • Multiple trainers in one: an entirely new level of flexibility is introduced through the inclusion of three different training levels: generic, hybrid and full scope trainer. This allows the operator to upgrade from a generic to full scope trainer, which exactly models their pipeline system, without needing to do a new software implementation, extending the lifespan of the software.
  • Full service package: with a full set of applications, from training scenarios to a learning management system, Pipeline Trainer 1.0 retains all records rather than transferring them to a third-party database. With the price of oil’s impact on capital and operational spending, this feature is particularly cost-effective and enables companies to meet regulatory demands.

Pipeline Trainer 1.0 is released as part of Schneider Electric’s new SimSuite 7 framework. The SimSuite 7 framework also serves as the platform for Schneider Electric’s Integrity Operation for leak detection and Pipeline Operation that helps facilitate the pipeline controller in operating the pipeline in the control room.

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