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ReportBuyer releases pipeline report

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When it comes to change, the pipeline industry appears to be conservative. Pipeline operators can be hesitant to adopt new solutions quickly and widely because of the initial investment involved. Decisions related to the adoption of innovative technologies are taken very cautiously and implemented only if required or when it leads to reduced downtime or cost.

At present, ageing pipelines are a prime focus area and opportunities for new technologies appear to be tough. Across their lifespan, pipelines are subjected to various issues such as pipeline leakage, corrosion, cracks, flow and vibration.

The oil and gas pipeline industry is focused on the enhancing the functionalities of pipelines. Transformational trends, such as operational intelligence, infrastructure development, demand and supply, convergence, utilisation of greener concepts and the emergence of new technologies, are driving the need for enhanced sensing technologies in the oil and gas pipeline industry. Companies need to identify the key elements of transformation faster and devise strategies to accelerate adoption of novel sensing platforms.

The technology and innovation report has evaluated advances in sensing technologies, and its impact on the oil and gas pipeline industry in the near, medium, and long term. The requirement of the pipeline industry varies depending on its processes. The report captures sensor innovations from different dimensions such as upstream, downstream and midstream.

Key questions addressed in the report include:

  • What are the four phases of pipeline integrity assessment?
  • What are the key parameters in pipeline monitoring systems?
  • What are the enabling technologies in oil and gas pipeline industry?
  • What are the implementation examples in the upstream, midstream, and downstream phases of pipeline monitoring?
  • What are the key sensor innovations in oil and gas pipeline monitoring?
  • What are the emerging opportunities and technologies in oil and gas pipeline monitoring?
  • What type of futuristic technologies is expected in long term?

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