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DTEK special energy brief: 28 February 2022

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Since the first day of hostilities, Ukraine’s energy system has not lost a single major piece of critical energy infrastructure. All NPPs, TPPs (except for Luhans’ka TPP) and HPPs operate in the United Power System of Ukraine (UPS). Damage to a number of 330 000 W high-voltage lines did not affect the reliability of the grid. Other main grid facilities (lines and substations) are working smoothly. The power system operates stably (network frequency 50 Hz) and is able to provide energy to the population, military and other consumers. Coal stocks of TPPs (not only DTEK, but in general) are twice as much as last year in the same period (733 000 t vs 376 000 t). During an extraordinary meeting on 28 February, European Union Energy Ministers discussed the synchronisation of the Ukrainian power system with the European one. EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson noted that she will ask ENTSO-E to support the emergency synchronisation of the power systems as quickly as possible.

Power Generation

DTEK Energy

  • As of 28 February (14:00) 23 units of DTEK TPPs are operating with general capacity of 3451 million W.
  • Kurahivs’ka TPP operates with 5 units, coal is being delivered to this TPP.
  • Ladyzhins’ka TPP, Zaporiz’ka TPP, Prydniprovs’ka TPP – operate with 2 units each.
  • Dobrotvirs’ka TPP – 4 units are operational.
  • Burshtyns’ka TPP – 7 units are operational.
  • Luhans’ka TPP – the city of Shchastia is not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. However, Luhans’ka TPP was not taken over and is still controlled by DTEK. The TPP is not operational as of now.
  • Coal stocks at DTEK TPPs (currently 515 000 t) are enough to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Ukrainian energy system. Additional deliveries are ensured as well.
  • Miners and power engineers work 24/7.
  • During 21 – 27 February DTEK TPPs produced 447 000 million kW/hr of electricity. The average number of operational units during this period was 19, while the maximum operating units were 24.

DTEK Renewables

  • The situation with DTEK Renewables operation has not changed since 26 February: wind and solar power plants were not damaged as a result of hostilities, but DTEK solar and wind power plants do not generate electricity as a result of damaged grids. All stations are maintained in a working mode and are awaiting repairs on local power grids. Connection is planned to be restored in the coming days.
  • DTEK is doing everything necessary to ensure the safety of employees. The power plants that are connected to the grid will be ready to start operation according to Ukrenergo instructions.

Nuclear generation

  • The Ukrainian military lost control of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. Now Russian troops control the NPP.
  • Almost all types of power plants operate with reduced capacity as a result of low consumption. NPPs operate with 9 out of 15 units with a capacity of about 7 GW, while usually in winter their load is at least 10 - 11 GW.

Oil and gas

  • DTEK Oil&Gas operates in a regular mode. The daily gas production amounts to 5 million m³.
  • 35 wells are in operation and 4 wells were stopped to reduce condensate production due to its transportation issues.
  • Save for the issues with condensate transportation, all other logistics issues are settled in a regular mode.

Power Grids

  • As of 28 February, DTEK Grids crews resumed electricity supply in 34 settlements which were partially or completely de-energised due to hostilities. Of these, 26 settlements are located in Kyiv region and 8 settlements – in Donetsk region.
  • Repair crews of DTEK Grids DSOs are doing everything possible to promptly restore electricity supply to settlements in Donetsk and Kyiv regions that have been affected by the fighting.
  • DTEK Grids crews in Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa region and the City of Kyiv have also been put into emergency recovery mode and are ready to promptly return electricity supply to customers' homes in the event of outages due to hostilities.
  • Another 114 settlements are left without electricity due to damaged power lines or substations. The most difficult situation is in Donetsk region. More than 75 settlements there are partially or completely left without electricity, including the city of Mariupol. Another 39 villages are partially or completely without electricity supply in Kyiv region. The situation is complicated by active hostilities in these regions, which prevents power engineers from promptly restoring them. To proceed with restoration works, DTEK Grids must obtain all the necessary permits from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • All teams are currently transferred exclusively to emergency recovery mode, the companies do not carry out scheduled works. Employees have special instructions for working in crisis situations.

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