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Real world examples of subsea pipeline repair and modification

This webinar will discuss real world examples where subsea solutions have been safely utilised to significantly reduce costs and project timescales during pipeline repair, maintenance and modification, and in some cases while production has remained uninterrupted.

Technologies showcased will include inline isolation plugs, hot tapping, line plugging, mechanical connectors and tie-in clamps. The featured case studies will highlight how a range of products can be used in combination to address individual project challenges to ensure efficient solutions are safely delivered.

This webinar will describe pipeline isolation tooling and techniques that enable safe modification of pressurised subsea pipelines. Double block and bleed isolation tools have been utilised to greatly reduce downtime, increase safety and maximise unplanned maintenance, providing cost-effective solutions to the end user. High integrity isolation methods will also be explained that enable piggable and unpiggable pipeline systems to be isolated before any breaking of containment and in compliance with subsea isolation guidelines.

Project case studies will be discussed for the following subsea scenario:

• Subsea tie-in and pipeline reconfiguration.

• New field development.

• Subsea isolation and repair.


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