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High integrity isolation solutions for CO2 and hydrogen pipelines

ON DEMAND - As pipeline owners and operators transition to more sustainable energy, STATS double block and bleed isolation tools can provide high integrity isolation in traditional hydrocarbons as well as hydrogen and high-pressure liquid CO2 pipelines.

With investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen accelerating, there is a growing focus on how existing pipeline infrastructure can be repurposed for CO2 and hydrogen transportation. Therefore, the requirement for isolation and intervention technology to safely and efficiently isolate these pipelines for repair, maintenance and modifications is increasingly important.

STATS is the only company in the world with an extensive track record of providing hot tapped isolation of high-pressure CO2 pipelines, operating at up to 138 bar. Isolating liquid CO2 pipelines has many challenges and project success requires the careful control of CO2 phase-change during venting, and the appropriate selection of steel and elastomer materials to accommodate CO2 service.

STATS Group presents a case study focusing on the world’s first, leak-tight double block and bleed isolation of a high-pressure CO2 pipeline system in New Mexico, US, and how the many challenges faced with isolating liquid CO2 were overcome.


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