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Special reports

A view from the inside

Andrew Wilde, Principal Engineer, ROSEN UK, talks monitoring subsea pipelines using internal inspection technologies.


Productive directional drilling — the Vermeer D550 HDD is built for it

Vermeer built the next generation D550 horizontal directional drill (HDD) for performance. This article offers a deeper look at how the D550 drill delivers productive directional drilling when installing large-diameter products like oil and gas pipelines, water lines and high-voltage electrical transmission lines at long distances.


Aerial data-driven change detection

Recent US DOT and FAA actions make modern aerial data a smart choice to protect pipelines old and new, says Jeffrey Jones, SkyX, USA.


European gas outlook

If colder-than-expected weather hits, northwest Europe could run out of natural gas by March 2023.


NTSB opens public docket for rupture investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board opens public docket as part of its ongoing investigation of the fatal natural gas transmission pipeline rupture and fire in Arizona, USA.


Energy crisis unfolding

Long-term development in the world’s energy markets and how politics, technologies, companies, and consumers can influence it, is an overarching theme of the energy transition.


C.H.M. Construction digging track trenching for water infrastructure projects

To do water installs right in rocky conditions takes a special machine that achieves optimal production while keeping costs in check. Meet the Vermeer T755 Commander 3 trencher; the machine that reduces operating costs and delivers efficient and productive installation methods on projects.


Theta West #1 Well: new report

Pantheon announces the receipt of a report by the independent experts at Baker Hughes AHS, following the completion of its Volatile Analysis Service work.


Denmark to lead hydrogen pipeline length additions

For planned and announced hydrogen pipeline projects between 2022 and 2026, Denmark is expected to lead in terms of global length additions, contributing around 35% of the total global hydrogen pipeline additions in this period.


ISG to publish industry report

Upcoming ISG Provider Lens™ report will evaluate providers helping companies use digital technologies to improve operations, prepare for future energy needs.