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Special reports


King of the slopes

Christoph Ludescher, LCS Cable Cranes, Austria, describes the technical capabilities of the cable crane system for use in pipelaying in inaccessible areas.


Control from the edge

Denka Wangdi at Emerson’s machine automation solutions business, USA, examines how edge controllers can help pipeline operators modernise and improve their systems by adding new capabilities.


Survival in the desert

Matteo Dondeo, Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.A., Italy, discusses the key features of equipment used for a challenging pipelaying operation in the deserts of Kuwait.


Overcoming the outback

Frank Tudor, Jemena, Australia, addresses the challenges of developing gas pipeline infrastructure across vast distances, difficult terrains and climates, such as in Australia.


Switch it up

John Bollinger, Farwest Corrosion Control, USA, explores the benefits of switch-mode power supply developments for cathodic protection solutions.


Integration is the new norm

Adam Reale, Alex Knittel, and Grant Cooper, MISTRAS Group, USA, outline an integrated approach to data management for pipeline integrity in an industry that is rapidly advancing.


The May issue of World Pipelines is now online

The May issue includes a regional report on Canada’s oil and gas industry, as well as an array of technical articles focused on inspection, offshore operations, corrosion control, pre-commissioning and more.