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Official NEB comment on Enbridge’s Line 3

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The National Energy Board (NEB) has concluded that the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Programme (project) is in the Canadian public interest and will recommend project approval to the federal Governor in Council.

The NEB Decision follows a public hearing process that included an exhaustive scientific and technical examination of all the evidence brought before the three member NEB panel.

In recommending approval of the project, the NEB noted that the project will replace an ageing pipeline with new pipeline constructed to modern standards and therefore make an existing pipeline safer. The NEB has imposed 89 project-specific conditions to enhance public safety, environmental protection, and consultation between the company and stakeholders.

The company proposes to operate the new pipeline at the original pipeline’s capacity of 760 000 bpd of oil. The majority of project construction will occur within a right-of-way that parallels and overlaps existing Enbridge rights of way, including the Enbridge Mainline corridor.

All NEB-regulated pipelines are subject to ongoing compliance verification. Enforcement may be taken should the company fail to adhere to project-specific conditions.

Highlights of the NEB decision

  • The NEB has directed Enbridge to develop a plan for Aboriginal groups to participate in monitoring the construction of the new pipeline.
  • Policy recommendation on decommissioning: the panel recommends that the NEB carry out additional assessment and consultation on the policy and regulatory framework that guides advanced stages of a pipeline’s lifecycle, including decommissioning and abandonment.
  • Policy recommendation on monitoring by Aboriginal groups: the panel recommends that the NEB, the pipeline industry, and Aboriginal groups work together to create a set of principles, objectives or a framework approach that can be used to assist the development of Aboriginal monitoring programmes for large pipeline projects.

As required by federal law, the NEB has submitted its report and recommendations to the federal Minister of Natural Resources. The federal government’s Interim Measures for Pipeline Reviews will apply to this project.

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