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Video: lifting technology in action

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World Pipelines,

A QUBE Energy forklift operator tests out the heavy-duty material lifting and pipe-handling capabilities of the Vacuworx MC 5 by loading 18 m (60 ft) steel coated pipe lengths from a port holding area and onto a tractor trailer bound for a VNIE staging area managed by McConnell Dowell Constructors in Wallan.

You can find more information on Vacuworx’s vacuum lifting technologies in World Pipelines’ December issue. 

In December’s magazine, Vacuworx explains how its technology improved both safety and efficiency on the Victoria Northern Interconnect Expansion (VNIE) gas pipe project in Australia, where two companies had been working at two ends of the distribution. They discuss new means and methods of their projects, safety and risks taken during operations, the systems used, and the transporting, lifting and unloading of pipes.

Edited by Stephanie Roker

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