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Update on the ‘golden junction’

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RN-Vankor, a Rosneft subsidiary, has announced it is finishing the construction of a linear sector of Suzun-Vankor intrafield oil pipeline. The so called ‘golden’ (final) junction of the intrafield pipeline has been welded.

The length of the pipeline is 99 km and the diameter of the pipe is 530 mm. It was laid by ground-based method according to a well-tried technology.

The launch of the Suzun-Vankor pipeline is synchronised with other objects of first start-up complex in the Suzun field, including the commissioning of oil wells, building of crude-treatment plant and other facilities of industrial and utility purpose. After welding of the final junction on the linear part of the pipeline, building and installation operations on the establishment of isolation valves’ nodes, oil launching stations and intake of cleaning units, equipment systems to automate and communication installation will be continued.

Currently, works on the construction of an oil preparation unit (UPOG) with annual capacity of 5.2 million t, construction of well pads, intrafield pipelines, power lines are being actively carried out at the Suzun field. Operation drilling is performed on five well pads. Commissioning of the field is scheduled for this year.

The oil from the Suzunskoye will be transported via Suzun-Vankor intrafield oil pipeline to the main oil pipeline through a central gathering station of Vankor’s production facility.

Development of Suzunskoye as well as Tagulskoye and Lodocnoye fields, which constitute the Vankor cluster, is carried out using infrastructure that has already been built and is functioning. This development plan has significant synergies, and impetus to foster the related industries and domestic technologies.

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