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Eddyfi launches corrosion mapping solution

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Eddyfi Technologies has announced the launch of RMS PA, a new corrosion mapping solution that delivers high-resolution imaging without speed compromise. RMS PA is a complete system aimed at significantly improving data quality whilst reducing inspection times for non-intrusive inspections (NII) of critical assets. This high-speed remote access phased-array UT inspection solution is the result of the integration of flagship products from two brands, providing inspection companies and asset owners with a reliable, tried-and-tested system that delivers optimal corrosion data.

RMS PA integrates the robust field-proven RMS robotic scanning head, a product from the Silverwing brand, that has been successfully deployed on various assets such as pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks and other critical structures in harsh environments including oil and gas, offshore and mining for many years. In this new configuration, it combines RMS with the cutting-edge portable M2M systems – MantisTM or Gekko® – which are innovative phased-array instruments.

The user interface of the CaptureTM software driving the M2M instruments is developed to simplify the inspector’s workflow. Inspection setup is fast and easy, with the RMS scanning heads being preconfigured within the system. Moreover, the RMS controls are embedded and function seamlessly with the software, streamlining the overall inspection. The detection capabilities include corrosion, erosion and microbial induced corrosion (MIC) with quantifiable, detailed defect characterisation.

Stuart Kenny, General Manager of the Silverwing brand at Eddyfi Technologies, comments “Adding phased array to the RMS brings major benefits to its users, with a scanning speed up to 10 times faster than conventional systems at a 1 mm resolution. There is no longer a need to sacrifice resolution for productivity. In addition to phased-array ultrasonics, having the ability to supplement NII campaigns with real-time TFM imaging is a game changer within the industry. We are confident that the RMS PA will not only improve the data from NII inspections but will also reduce the inspection time and save money by shortening the timeline from inspection to report. It’s great to see the evolution of our flagship products and I’m excited about future technology developments.”

Innovation accessible to all equipment owners

Current M2M Mantis/Gekko users can add automated corrosion mapping of assets ranging from 6 in. (152 mm) to flat plate to their inspection capabilities, while RMS owners can add phased-array capabilities to their existing scanner. The new RMS PA complete solution also features a detachable handheld manual scanner for the inspection of smaller areas and assets ranging from 4 in. (101 mm) to flat plate, allowing for improved manual corrosion mapping with M2M instruments.

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