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Vermeer introduces new service plow

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Vermeer has introduced a new walk-beside service plow with trencher which is able to work in tight spaces. The PTX40 service plow, with an optional forward-mounted trencher and boring attachment, was designed primarily for irrigation and utility installations. These types of jobs often require a machine that is narrow and manoeuvrable. Thus, the machine is targeted at contractors who require a productive yet reasonably small machine.

Work in areas that other machines would struggle to access

The walk-beside design of the PTX40 helps contractors work in areas other machines would struggle to access. With a minimum width of 40.2 in., the machine is 84.8 in. long. The centre-articulated PTX40 oscillates at the point of articulation, offering manoeuvrability and performance on uneven terrain and in narrow spaces.

The plow has a maximum depth of 24 in. and the trencher cuts a maximum of 42 in. deep and 4-6 in. wide. Plowing and trenching performance is optimised with an electronic control that allows for convenient setting of the creep speed.

The PTX40 has a remote control, giving operators flexibility in congested areas whilst also having the ability to see the machine and the work area from a variety of viewpoints. When trenching, a tether connects the machine to the remote control.

The PTX40 is powered by a 34.9 kW Kubota WG1605 gasoline engine. Planetary axles have been used to reduce the stress and torque going to the driveline, which could help lower overall operating costs compared to conventional axles.

Right size for utility installation and landscape contractors

“The PTX40 service plow with optional trencher attachment is the right size for utility installation and landscape contractors and municipal employees who frequently work in tight spaces,” said Jon Kuyers, Product Manager at Vermeer.

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