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Thermon introduces new solution for management of heat trace systems

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Thermon Group Holdings, Inc. (Thermon), a global leader in industrial process heating, announces the Genesis™ Network, a new solution providing site-wide operational awareness and supervisory control of heat trace systems.

With the Thermon Genesis Network, users save maintenance hours, increase up-time, and can make upgrades and changes with greater flexibility. Users can easily monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot even the largest heat trace systems that may include over 10 000 heat trace circuits. The Genesis Network connects heat trace controllers with the control room using wireless communications. The solution presents alarms, history, and operational data via a user-friendly, browser-based interface accessible from any network connected computer or mobile tablet. Utilising an adaptive, self-healing wireless mesh network and event-driven communications, users experience reliable, real-time status reporting and responsive control of their heat trace systems.

“We are excited to introduce the Genesis Network, a step forward to the true industrial internet of things (IIoT) for our customers and our industry. Like the Genesis Controller, the Genesis Network delivers a smart, fully-connected experience that is easy to learn and use. Thermon is bringing the best of high tech to our industry. We look forward to helping customers safely increase efficiency, reduce maintenance time, and optimise operations with this solution,” said David Buntin, Senior Vice-President, Thermon Heat Tracing.

The following new components work together to form a Genesis Network:

  • Genesis Server - An on-premises or cloud deployable server.
  • Genesis Gateway - A communications device between the server and wireless mesh.
  • Genesis Bridge – A communications device between the mesh and heat trace controllers.
Streamlined Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance personnel need timely and complete awareness of the trace heating system to prevent downtime and optimise operations. They also require information at their fingertips to troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately. The Genesis Network answers these challenges by delivering alarm management, setting optimisation, historical analysis and operational reporting. The solution can save hundreds of man-hours through the use of historical data to optimise settings and accurately flag outlier behaviours while avoiding nuisance alarms, resulting in fewer maintenance hours. The Genesis Network also saves time by filtering and prioritising alarms and generating reports with the right information to make efficient decisions.

IIOT Advantage

The Genesis Network is architected as a true IIOT (industrial internet-of-things) solution. An intuitive browser-based user interface gives users quick access for performing alarm management, report generation, data trending, and performance optimisation of heat trace circuits while on-the-go from any network-connected laptop or mobile tablet with a browser. Adding or changing devices is a simple drag-and-drop activity.

Software updates to the network can also be deployed to all devices via the browser interface making the roll out of new features simple, increasing the value of the solution over time. The solution brings the best of IIOT technology to our customers.


Designed with security in mind, from data encryption and authentication to secure updates, operational leaders can deploy the Genesis Network with peace of mind. In applications where wireless communications are prohibited, the network can be configured using a traditional wired solution.

The Genesis Network is an industry leading IIoT solution that streamlines maintenance operations by providing operational awareness, management and supervisory control of heat trace systems.


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