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Atmos International unveils ‘boxed product’ strategy

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Atmos International Ltd (Atmos) is a provider of pipeline technology to the oil, gas and associated industries. Recently, the company launched a new boxed product strategy at the 2015 Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition.

Atmos has worked to create solutions that combine hardware and software which are fully Atmos and partially pre-made and pre-configured, prior to delivery. These are called ‘boxed products,’ or ‘off-the-shelf solutions.’ These products will end the need for the physical presence of Atmos field engineers.

Rather, technical assistants on the Atmos help desk will be on hand to provide remote support for clients installing boxed solutions.

Atmos boxed solutions range

The boxed solutions available from Atmos are the SIM Offline, Generic Trainer and Portable Tightness Monitor.

SIM Offline

Atmos SIM Offline works independently on any computers, using a state estimator to accurately model the hydraulic behavior of both gas and liquid pipelines. It allows operators to ‘add’ new physical characteristics to the model for testing, such as new pipelines, inlets, outlets, simulated leaks, and compressor stations, making it an ideal tool for training, pipeline design, capacity planning, equipment sizing and locating, and operational tuning.

The boxed version of Atmos SIM Offline incorporates batch and pig tracking modules as standard. The SIM Offline with Atmos Pig for liquid or gas helps operators to accurately plan operations before they go live, by modelling the tracking of the progress of pipeline pigs or scrapers from the launcher through to the receiver.

The SIM Offline with Atmos Batch

Atmos Batch tracks batches as they travel through the pipelines. Combined with Atmos SIM Offline, this helps operators to model the progress of batches in a harmless test environment. This means they can check before a distribution pattern is set or reset on a section of actual pipeline.

Most importantly, this product allows operators to check that the products will not be contaminated in the process.

Some authorities, such as the US Department of Transport, require pipeline operators to have up-to-date surge analysis studies filed for all their pipelines.

Atmos Surge Analysis significantly reduces the enormity, complexity, and cost of this task by automating some of the analysis procedures, flagging where an operation is most likely to cause a rupture and generating a detailed surge analysis report.

Generic Trainer

The Generic Trainer teaches and enables the practice of all essential procedures for normal pipeline operation, as well as how to evaluate and react to abnormal operating conditions, in a safe, simulated environment. This particular solution is pre-configured for a 550 mile single or multi product pipeline with injecting, delivery, pump, and block valve stations to teach basic pipeline hydraulics and operations to pipeline controllers. It is for helping operators to become more familiar with the SCADA front-end controls, and with their company’s operating procedures.

Portable Tightness Monitor

Atmos’ Portable Tightness Monitor is an easily transportable airport hydrant leak detection system. Supplied in two peli-cases, it can be quickly connected to the hydrant pipeline by the operator. Following completion of the test it can be quickly disconnected and moved to other hydrant segments. This removes the need for expensive new infrastructure for testing.

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