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Cat Pumps develops HTU

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Hydrostatic pressure testing is a proven way of revealing potential weaknesses in pressure vessels, pipes, hoses, umbilicals, valves, mechanical seals, heat exchangers, pressure gauges and tanks.

The process typically involves pressurising the components that are being tested with water to levels that exceed the designed operating parameters.

Cat Pumps has developed a hydrostatic pressure test unit (HTU), which is a compact, mobile high pressure system that uses the Cat Pumps triplex plunger pumps and offers operating pressures of up to 700 bar

The Cat Pumps HTU removes the need for equipment manufacturers and maintenance/repair specialists to design and build hydrostatic pressure testing systems. The tool is assembled on a purpose-built mobile frame and incorporates pump, gear motor, water tank, four outlet manifolds with varying ports, pressure relief, pressure release and regulating valves, along with a calibrated pressure gauge.

Having four manifold outlets and varying ports means that the system can supply the item on test as well as any extra pressure monitoring devices. The inbuilt pressure relief valve prevents the HTU from achieving pressures in excess of its design, while the pressure release valve allows the pressurised water to be released back into the feed tank after a hydrostatic text has been completed.

Being a mobile unit, the HTU allows end-users to transfer the tool it to locations where equipment testing needs to be carried out, most possibly in situ for re-qualification after servicing or repair.

Adapted from press release by Anna Nicklin

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