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Milliken Infrastructure welcomes new composite repair system

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Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, has announced its newest product, PolyBruteTM repair system. This innovation brings a new capability by introducing the first composite repair that bonds directly to polyethylene (PE) pipe with minimal surface preparation.

Milliken Infrastructure’s conception of PolyBrute stemmed from the lack of alternative repair methods for PE pipe. The system offers the pipe industry a fast, effective and budget friendly repair option, giving gas operators a repair solution that has been extensively tested to last at least 20 years in the field under normal operating conditions.

“With PolyBrute we have developed a patented, one-of-a-kind system that enables repairs in a time frame and cost that just were not possible before,” said Jim Souza, Milliken Infrastructure’s director of technology.

Prior to PolyBrute, the only way to repair damaged PE pipe was to squeeze off and cut out the damaged section – a time consuming method that can cause additional damage to abutting sections – and fuse in a new pipe section. PolyBrute is administered in the field and uses only the application of heat to bond and strengthen the damaged pipe. The system is also capable of making the same repairs as traditional methods, but in half the time and without requiring the pipe to be taken out of service. The system can be used to repair gouges, non-thru wall cracks, micro cracks, butt splices and poly-coated pipes.

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