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New spray foam for geotechnical applications

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Rhino Linings Corporation has announced the release of Rhino Linings® GeoTech CC2TB, a 100% water-blown, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system designed for exterior ditch breaker, soil stabilisation and geotechnical applications.

GeoTech CC2TB is formulated with advanced, proprietary chemistry that lowers its exothermic reaction temperature during installation, allowing contractors to apply in one continuous spray lift of well beyond 4 in. without compromising applicator safety or foam combustion. It cures quickly, forming a thick skin so contractors may install successive lifts without significant foam blowout or pooling.

"Our expansion and evolution in the spray polyurethane foam sector has been well received globally," said Pierre Gagnon, president of Rhino Linings Corporation. "The proven success of our existing spray foam systems has led us to expand our product offerings and introduce new solutions like GeoTech CC2TB."

GeoTech CC2TB expands 30 times its size and because it is water-blown, contractors are able to preheat or recirculate without causing damage or material loss. Unlike traditional soil stabilisation and trench breaker solutions, GeoTech CC2TB spray polyurethane foam only requires a single individual to install and will not rot or breakdown when covered with soil.

"We actively listen to our customers' concerns that materialize in the industry," stated Dave Feitl, director of global SPF sales for Rhino Linings Corporation. "A strong connection with our customers allows us to be innovative problem solvers – a role we are very proud to attain in the spray polyurethane foam industry."

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