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NVI invests in A3 monitoring technology

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NVI LLC has recently closed an agreement with A3 Remote Monitoring, a UK based sensor manufacturer providing unique pipeline monitoring solutions for the oil and gas sector, which will generate very important costs savings in the US pipeline industry. NVI will invest US$5 million dollars in the next five years on the current A3 Monitoring technology and further developments to serve its vast client base.

A3 Monitoring technology will be installed at client facilities and pipelines with a single communication unit and shared software. These installations send the data collected such as corrosion trends, presence of leaks, or third party damage via satellite from the harshest locations and will be readily accessible online via any PC or tablet to provide updated information and immediate alarms to asset owners.

The main cost saving offered to clients is the reduction to zero of the access costs. The cost of digging an excavation to access a pipeline can vary between US$30 000 and US$150 000 in the United States. A3 Remote Monitoring sensors are cost-effective and once installed the pipeline operator will not need any further access to the pipe. It is estimated that based on one million USD initial investment the cost savings are between US$5 million and US$10 million on average within the first five years.

Additionally, the more stringent regulatory requirements aiming at increasing public safety and protecting the environment will be easy to comply with and operational risks and related costs will drastically be reduced. The cost of pipeline failures can be very high if considering production loss, fines, cleaning operations, legal fees and company image. A3 Monitoring technology is expected to reduce the failure rate of pipeline infrastructure and related costs.

NVI has already implemented A3 Monitoring technology at several sites throughout the United States and is planning to cover at least 10% of oil and gas assets in USA within the next two years.

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