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HFT: pipe plugging and blocking of all shapes and sizes

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Pipe plugs and stoppers are in use globally for a large variety of applications. This includes leak testing, weld purging, debris stopping and pipe freezing for repair or maintenance work for thousands of different industries.

HFT: pipe plugging and blocking of all shapes and sizes

Manufacturing a wide range of plugs and stoppers of up to 2 m dia., Ron Sewell, Chairman for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®’s, said: "There are thousands of applications our Pipestoppers® can support for so many industries. Some of these include construction of refineries and similar large oil and gas related plants, where plugs are required to block open ended pipework with leak tight seal. Or construction of factories and housing for plugs used to test leak tightness of foul water systems.

“Boating, yachting and all marine businesses where holes are frequently there to be blocked and an endless supply of water trying to enter. Use in aircraft construction and repair of submarines. The list really is endless.”

The Pipestoppers division manufactures:

  • The lightweight nylon plugs for cleanliness, orbital welding techniques as well as pharmaceutical and medical applications. Other applications for these lightweight plugs include leak testing, sealing, isolation and weld purging. Manufactured in sizes from 0.5 – 6 in. (12 – 150 mm), the nylon plugs are available individually or in ready-made kits.
  • The heavy-duty aluminium plugs allow for arduous duties such as exposure to high temperatures and immersion in chemicals. They are manufactured in sizes from 1.5 - 36 in. (38 - 900 mm).
  • Manufactured in larger sizes, the steel plugs are available up to 72 in. (1800 mm) are also in double versions for enhanced sealing. These very heavy-duty plugs are suited to applications such as long immersion in water or exposure to higher temperatures, for which the other plugs within the Pipestoppers range may not be suitable.
  • Lighter in weight, the Inflatable Stoppers come in all shapes and sizes, including the low profile, cylindrical and spherical, PetroChemTM and rubber plugs. They are designed for several applications, which include blocking pipes, tanks or other orifices, weld purging, routine maintenance or to prevent the entry of foreign bodies.
  • Europe only: Qwik-FreezerTM and Accu-FreezeTM make up the pipe freezing Pipestoppers range. Freezing pipes for routine maintenance work saves both time and money and avoids entire systems having to be drained. For industries including building services, hospitals, water treatment, hotels and public building.

Whether your application is welding where there are numerous pipe ends to be blocked for weld purging and to prevent draughts from adversely influencing the welding activities, refuse sites for monitoring gas emissions, onsite machining industry to prevent the ingress of machining fluid, machining swarf and miscellaneous metal pieces from entering pipework and systems beyond, the Pipestoppers division has the solution.

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