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Steeltec presents its latest innovations of special steel solutions

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With the introduction of its unique Xtreme Performance (XTP®) Technology, Steeltec has transitioned from a steel producer to a solutions provider delivering special steel solutions that meet its customers’ specific application needs.

Steeltec will be at wire 2018 to showcase its latest innovations in solid forming: XTP®-treated standard steels that exhibit improved formability, toughness and durability without the need for expensive alloying additions. Steeltec’s customers benefit from rapid, low-cost process chains for the production of high-performance engineering components. As a result, Steeltec is able to deliver steels that meet the increasing demand for innovation from today's premium system manufacturers.

Technical expertise and state-of-the-art production processes are integral requirements when it comes to securing the future market competitiveness of steel users. With its XTP® Technology, Steeltec – a member of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group – is helping customers leverage significant potential cost-savings in their solid forming operations. At the wire 2018 trade fair, Steeltec will be presenting its successful range of XTP® steels that have scored highly with customers thanks to their greater resource efficiency and improved performance. Compared to conventional steels, XTP®-treated steels already exhibit the desired application-specific properties when they are supplied to customers. For example, XTP® steels with high notch impact energy values and moderate strength can be supplied for cold forming procedures, while high-strength steels with excellent toughness are available when subsequent mechanical processing is required. The dynamic strength of XTP®-treated steels is also at least 10% higher than that observed in conventional grades. The high material toughness of the bar steel ensures that components will not break when subjected to high-impact stresses. Depending on how the material was prepared, some of Steeltec’s XTP® steels can withstand temperatures as low as -101°C. This offers greater design flexibility as well as greater freedom in the engineering and manufacturing processes. Existing components can therefore be made more resistant, for instance to cracking, or can be downsized without any loss in their ability to transmit forces. Unlike conventional steels, XTP®-treated steels do not need to undergo complex and costly post-processing operations once the solid forming operation has been carried out.

Steeltec has been using its Xtreme Performance Technology since 2016, which it developed in collaboration with research institutions and a plant engineering company. Steeltec continues to undertake research aimed at uncovering and exploiting even more of the properties hidden within standard steels. With its latest technological innovation, Steeltec has succeeded not only in broadening its product and service portfolio, but also in expanding into new market sectors. Whereas the company’s focus was previously on turned steel parts, today Steeltec is also supplying steels used for manufacturing complex formed components.

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