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Sawyer welcomes new welding bucket

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Manufacturer of pipeline and welding equipment, Sawyer Mfg. Company is adding a new bucket to its line of welding equipment.

Even though it is a rather simple object, this particular bucket has an enormous amount of thought put into it. This new welding bucket can hold more than 400 lbs and is designed with four pre-formed partitions to keep welding rods separate.

The buckets are incredibly strong and can successfully hold up a 2009 full-sized Ford Super Duty crew cab truck without buckling.

“Our new welding bucket, like all welding buckets, is a simple storage device for welders. However, what separates ours from the others is its size and strength. It’s huge and will last forever. It’s 4.5 gal., which is easily twice the size of most other buckets. It’s also made of stainless steel instead of galvanised steel as is usually the case, giving it excellent strength and durability,” Shop Supervisor, John Morelock said. “Like everything we do here, maximum effort was put into designing and testing this thing, and it’s all with the end user in mind,” he added.

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