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Lessmann: effective removing of the coating of pipeline tubes

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Lessmann, Germany, is a manufacturer of high quality technical brushes, which are used in pipeline construction.

Lessmann: effective removing of the coating of pipeline tubes

In the tube and pipeline industry, knotted wheel brushes are used for devarnishing tubes. Usually the external surface of steel pipelines is coated with epoxy resin and several polypropylene or polyethylene layers, which protect against corrosion below ground. Before the welding procedure when the tubes are connected, the coating of the tube needs to be removed completely at the tube ends.

For treating the layers effectively usually several brush segments, so called cut back rings, are mounted together to get one massive block of wheel brushes. Diameter of the brush, wire thickness and the overall shape of the brush are defined by the sizes of the tube, the material of the layers and the cut back machine in use. Lessmann offers brushes up to a diameter of 500 mm; the standard filling material is hard drawn high tensile wire. All production steps are controlled by CNC machines of the latest generation to receive highest quality for maximum life time.

Next to cut back brushes Lessmann offers other several brushes for the pipeline industry, for example brushes for cleaning weld seams or brushes for special cleaning systems to work on the inside of tubes.

Using Lessmann brushes is very effective and time saving. High quality wire and strict quality checks guarantee an excellent brushing result and a long service life. Due to decades of experience in the pipeline industry, Lessmann has experience in this field and ensures a good brushing result for any application.

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