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Eddyfi Technologies introduces new MFL inspection system

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Building on a decade of field experience with the previous-generation Silverwing Pipescan, Eddyfi Technologies has launched an improved Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection system that elevates this proven technology to a new level for rapid screening of corrosion in ferrous pipes and surfaces.

The new Pipescan HD™ solution has been designed to offer high resolution, combined with encoded scanning and intuitive C-Scan imaging for optimal speed, reliability, and confidence. The rugged, digital solution offers full data recording and reporting capabilities.

The Pipescan HD is available in 3 different adjustable configurations to cover diameters ranging from 48 mm (1.9 in.) to flat surfaces. Each configuration has been optimised, but not limited, for the detection of small, isolated pitting and general corrosion in coated and uncoated carbon steel pipework. The encoded data allows for rapid mapping of the surfaces (up to 1 m/s) and easy identification of areas of interest. Pipescan HD users benefit from control buttons built in the scanning tool, as well as the ability to easily generate stitched data sets. “Once again, Eddyfi Technologies is elevating a proven technology to the modern age so that asset owners and inspection teams can obtain rapid, reliable and verifiable data. Confidence is key in inspection campaigns and Pipescan HD more than delivers on that aspect," said Anne-Marie Allard and Matthew Boat, product managers.

The Pipescan HD can scan through non-conductive coating up to 6 mm (0.24 in.) thick, and in most cases is the perfect in-service inspection solution. Automatic highlight of areas of interest in the C-Scan using thresholds also simplifies the analysis process. The threshold is easily adjusted by moving up or down a threshold line on the target level. The inspector can also rapidly locate areas of interest thanks to the large info field boxes, giving the position and signal amplitude of the indication.

The new Pipescan HD can be used in combination with two leading edge, non-destructive testing instruments. The Swift™ M is a simple and cost-effective portable system optimised for MFL inspections, while the Reddy™ instrument can offer both Eddy Current Array (ECA) and MFL capabilities (MFL optional). In both cases, Pipescan HD users can visualise MFL data on a large, premium-quality multi-touch display and appreciate an intuitive software interface capable of delivering the best of what the MFL can offer: increased probability of detection, rapid scanning, and intuitive real-time C-scan imaging.

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