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Updated version of an air-cooled oil-free screw air compressor

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Atlas Copco has introduced a new version of its ZT 90-160 air-cooled oil-free screw air compressor, including re-designed compressor elements that have been adapted to work even more energy efficiently. Available with fixed or variable speed drive and with or without an integrated dryer, the ZT 90-160 also features an advanced touchscreen monitoring system that enables end users to evaluate, adjust and optimise the pressure and performance of the compressor in real-time.

All components in the ZT 90-160’s compressor element, such as the rotor profiles, inlet and rotor coating, have been re-designed for maximum efficiency and durability. For instance, the design and sealing of the venting chamber ensures physical separation between the oil and air circuits, eliminating any possibility of oil entering the compressed air chamber and thus guaranteeing Class 0 oil-free air.

“Thanks to innovative yet proven technologies, the ZT 90-160 efficiently provides oil-free compressed air in a variety of industries such as food and beverage, textiles, oil and gas and power generation,” says Mark Ranger, Business Line Manager for Oil-Free Air at Atlas Copco Compressors UK. “The unit is housed in a completely plug-and-play, soundproof package, and is designed for low maintenance time and costs.”

At the core of the compressor, an IP 55 TEFC high-efficiency motor protects against dust and humidity and guarantees continuous operation under severe ambient temperature conditions. It is supported by an efficient intake air filtration unit, containing a two-stage dust removal system, that minimises intake losses and provides a low pressure drop. The compressor is also equipped with high-efficiency coolers with water separator that have a compact design and ensure a low air approach temperature and low pressure drop. No external air supply is required thanks to the reliable load/unload regulation process.

The ZT 90-160 compressor contains an integrated NEOS drive that communicates directly with the new, user-friendly, touchscreen Elektronikon® Mk5 Touch Controller. Mk5 Touch displays warning indications, maintenance scheduling and provides online visualisation of the machine’s condition. The data monitoring programme SMARTLINK is integrated as standard. This remote monitoring system optimises the compressed air system and reduces energy and cost.

The ZT 90-160 compressor works together with Atlas Copco’s new Optimizer 4.0 central controller. It enables a compressed air system to be optimised through selection of the most efficient combination of machines, such as compressors, dryers, filters, controllers, energy recovery systems, generators, air receivers, coolers and boosters. Through a highly intuitive user interface, the end-user can view the performance and energy consumption of each machine as well as of the whole system.

Moreover, Optimizer 4.0 is fully Industry 4.0 compatible, enabling the Internet of Things and the digital integration of the compressed air system with other intelligent networked devices to improve equipment performance, enhance predictive maintenance and further increase energy efficiency.

The ZT 90-160 can be included in a Total Responsibility Plan, in which Atlas Copco takes care of all compressor maintenance, upgrades, repairs and possible breakdowns.

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