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Cortec Corporation announces its VpCI®-643

World Pipelines,

In desalination plants and closed circuit cooling and heating systems, solutions containing dissolved halogens can cause harmful corrosion. To fix this devastating set back, the plant or system must be shut down – a solution which can be crippling to businesses due to the extreme costs and loss of production time. Fortunately, the global leader in corrosion control technology, Cortec Corporation, has created a product to prevent this corrosion problem.

About the product

As biodegradable corrosion inhibitor for marine and process applications, Cortec’s VpCI®-643 provides instant, long-term, multi-metal corrosion protection. VpCI-643 is a unique, concentrated combination of inherently biodegradable corrosion inhibitors and oxygen scavengers that protect both ferrous and nonferrous metals from corrosive solutions containing chlorides. This new water treatment additive has been designed to provide corrosion protection in fresh water, salt water, brine and other highly corrosive solutions containing dissolved halogens.

As a concentrated formulation, VpCI-643 offers low dosage effectiveness as a treatment for a wide variety of marine and process applications which require economical corrosion inhibition for fresh and salt water. VpCI-643 is an effective replacement for nitrate and chromate-based formulations and hydrazine-based oxygen scavengers. Adding VpCI-643 to closed circuit cooling and heating systems containing brines or water and hydrostatic testing of pipeline, castings, tanks and valves provides corrosion inhibiting levels of above 95%.

By scavenging oxygen in a liquid system and forming a barrier layer onto a metal substrate, VpCl-643 provides corrosion protection in aggressive chloride-filled environments. This becomes particularly important in desalination plants which must deal with highly corrosive, concentrated chloride stream as a byproduct for removing the chloride from seawater to produce drinking water.

Corrosion protection against aggressive attack

VpCI-643 provides effective corrosion protection against aggressive attack of high chloride solutions and is effective in a broad range of applications to stop aggressive corrosion by salt or fresh water, and brines. The water-soluble, nitrite and amine-free liquid is easy applied and provides multi-metal protection.

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