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Aquajet introduces cloud-based system providing real-time data

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Aquajet, a global leader in manufacturing Hydrodemolition machines, introduces Aquajet Online, a cloud-based system for equipment tracking, real-time diagnostics, data collection and analytics. Aquajet Online is accessible via a computer or smartphone and provides owners, operators and project stakeholders with a digital toolkit to maximise safety, security, productivity and machine utilisation. Robust data collection and analysis tools also allow customers to track the long-term value of equipment and its impact on their overall operation.

“Aquajet Online is our answer to Industry 4.0,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet’s Managing Director. “Location, efficiency and automatic features for your entire fleet are available at the touch of a button. The system controls and monitors key functions through a user-friendly digital platform and provides actionable data, not just raw numbers, to help customers make positive changes for their business.”

Aquajet Online tracks all registered machines in a list or on a map with GPS position for easy planning and deployment. The interface also reports serial number, active alarms, auto status, run time/auto time and fuel levels/temperatures in real time for each machine. This allows at-a-glance insight into machine status as well as remote diagnostics, when necessary, to help avoid costly downtime. Additionally, the system allows for remote asset management – from sw/fw updates and parameterisation to control of specific machine functions.

In addition to real-time information, Aquajet Online collects and stores data on each enrolled machine to help owners and project stakeholders track equipment effectiveness and key performance indicators to evaluate success. Data is securely stored, according to numerous ISO standards, for at least five years and can even be retrieved after the machine has been decommissioned. Historic data can also be used to gain financial insights on the machine’s overall value to the company as well as help identify the cause of maintenance issues for faster diagnosis and resolution. Data analytics is available through the system, making retrieval and evaluation of important information quicker and easier.

“As the industry continues to change, contractors and equipment operators need to be able to look beyond today’s jobsite,” Simonsson said. “Aquajet Online allows them to not only keep track of what is happening right now, on the jobsite, but also evaluate the overall impact each piece of Hydrodemolition equipment has on their process. With that information, they can optimise their operation for long-term success.”

All 2021 Aquajet equipment is eligible for a three-year subscription to Aquajet Online with purchase. Contact Aquajet for more information.


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