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Yokogawa launches OpreX managed service

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Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the release of OpreX™ Managed Service -Cloud edition-, a solution that supports remote monitoring and maintenance of OT/IT field assets using a cloud platform provided by Yokogawa. By visualising information on each device's performance, reliability, and security for the entire plant system, the solution will help minimise unexpected plant shutdowns. The new service solution will be offered as part of the OpreX Sustainable Maintenance lineup.

Development background

Unexpected plant shutdowns result in unscheduled work and increased maintenance costs and lead to lost production opportunities, substantial economic losses, and lowered corporate credibility. As OT/IT convergence accelerates and production facility monitoring systems are increasingly integrated with production management and information systems to improve efficiency, there is a growing need for solutions that enable appropriate maintenance activities for the entire complex system, protect the system from security threats, and optimise production efficiency in terms of both safety and efficiency.

In order to meet these needs, Yokogawa launched the OpreX Managed Service in September 2020 to digitise the monitoring and maintenance of production assets. With the development of the OpreX Managed Service -Cloud edition-, it is now possible to provide a solution that more customers can deploy with minimal lead time and cost for standardised functions.

Shared-cloud dashboard provides real-time information on the performance, reliability, and security of OT/IT devices

The shared-cloud dashboard provides real-time information on the performance, reliability, and security of all registered OT/IT devices. Customers can monitor and analyse the information on OT devices such as production equipment monitoring systems and field devices, and monitor the health and security status of IT devices such as computer assets and network devices.

Remote control through remote access with enhanced security

The powerful remote access function provides secure access even from outside the plant. Flexible session control with various combinations of conditions, such as limiting connections based on user role settings, site manager approval, connection time limits, and standard security features like the automatic recording of access activities, provide a more secure remote access environment.

Proactive 24/365 monitoring and prompt maintenance support using IT Service Management (ITSM) ticketing system

Yokogawa's Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC) monitor plant operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to protect against security threats that are becoming more sophisticated every day. When an incident is detected, it is immediately registered in the ITSM ticketing system and troubleshooting is quickly initiated. This information is always shared online with the customer, who can check the status of the plant and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Provision of optional specialised remote services

The following services are available for customers who have subscribed to this service. More remote services will be developed in the future.

  • Distribution of Microsoft security updates and virus definition files, and provision of security diagnosis reports.
  • Provision of health diagnostic reports for production equipment systems and field assets.
Main target markets

Manufacturing industry in general.


Efficiency improvement and outsourcing of maintenance and preservation activities.

Remote operation monitoring infrastructure for safe access to plants.

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