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Belzona welcomes new coating

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Belzona has welcomed its Belzona 3412 coating, which can be brush or spray applied onto complex surfaces to protect from the most severe corrosion. When used in conjunction with Belzona 8411 (a release agent/corrosion inhibitor), Belzona 3412 can be cut and peeled back during required maintenance or to check the status of the substrate, before being fully resealed with an extra layer.

Belzona welcomes new coating

The Belzona 3412 coating provides outstanding protection to a range of machinery and equipment, from the smallest bearings to, to flanges, to the risers of offshore platforms. Its elasticity and adhesion properties allow it to encapsulate and effectively bond to many types of metallic and painted surfaces.

The coating comes in two colours; grey and orange. The grey blends into metallic substrates while, for safety purposes, the bright orange enhances the visibility of Belzona 3412 and highlights areas that are able to be peeled and inspected.

Being an easy to use material, the Belzona 3412 can be simply applied by either spray or brush. Spray applying is a quick process, resulting in a longer working life for the material, while brush applying the membrane is a simple method and requires no specialist tools.

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment, the material takes 1 - 4 hrs to become touch-dry, meaning minimal downtime for the coated equipment.

As a result of its water-excluding corrosion inhibitors, Belzona 3412 provides a durable layer of protection against many types of corrosion, such as galvanic and crevice. This also means that Belzona 3412 has the additional advantage of protection against aggressive environmental factors, including UV resistance, which furthers its protection capabilities.

Belzona 3412 is an isocyanate-free system meaning that the health and safety concerns relating to isocyanates are avoided.

In summary, Belzona 3412 is an encapsulating membrane capable of providing effective corrosion protection. Its peelable qualities and capability to be spray applied make it the clear first choice for quick application and long lasting service.

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