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Lightning Master Corp. welcomes new generator

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Lightning Master Corporation’s (LMC) in-pipe turbine generator (IPTG) is currently being tested. The patent pending IPTG is a powerful alternative to high-maintenance, expensive, unreliable remote energy sources such as thermal electric generators, diesel generators, solar panels or using a local utility company to build service to a remote site.

The generator is self-contained in a 2 ft section of 6 in. stainless steel pipe. It harnesses energy by using gas flow within the pipe to rotate a turbine, producing electric currents through coils mounted around its exterior. The units can be run in a series to produce more power, if required. The IPTG generates power 24 hrs/d with an option for either 12 or 24 volt output and it can be remotely monitored since it is designed to last with unattended operation.

The company developed the IPTG to address customers’ requests for a low maintenance, inexpensive and eco-friendly electricity alternative for isolated industrial locations that do not have access to commercial power. Moreover, it has been designed to ensure safety. The unit requires minimal maintenance and has zero environmental impact as it generates power without the combustion of fossil fuels.

Designed for use in Class 1, Division 1 and Class 1, Division 2 areas, the IPTG does not compromise the integrity of the pipeline in which it is installed. As well as alleviating alleviates the expense issue of power access in remote locations, other equipment can be run off of the IPTG unit. It is ideal for battery charging and affords free electricity once inline.

So far, the test results have proven to be successful.

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