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HFT - flexible welding chambers

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When welding titanium and zirconium joints it is important that the welding zone is purged of oxygen to a level as low as 10 ppm. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques’ (HFT®) flexible welding chambers provide a technically viable other option to what are very expensive rigid enclosures or welding chambers.

HFT’s welding chambers offer significant attractions over vacuum and glove box alternatives, a significant reduction in cost, very small floor footprint and availability in a range of sizes, of up to 27 cu/m. The HFT Flexible Welding Enclosure® has rapidly become the preferred alternative enclosure.

A combination of translucent material and optically clear sheet is used depending on the viewing requirements of the customer. Ultra violet stabilised engineering polymers are used in manufacture. Large access zips are fitted and additional entry points can be provided for operators’ gloves. A service panel incorporates access ports for welding torches electrical leads and water cooling supplies. A purge gas entry port and an exhaust valve are also incorporated into each enclosure to vent displaced gas to atmosphere.

Ron Sewell, Chairman of HFT said: “There are many requirements now for welding zones to be purged of oxygen down to as low as 10 ppm, which can be a problem when companies look the high costs of traditional metal chambers. Our Flexible Welding Enclosures are an ideal solution.”


“Size for size, our enclosures cost considerably less than a metal glove box or vacuum system, provide a very fast purging time down to a few ppm of oxygen and are ideal for small production quantities of items that need total gas coverage as well as single large items with critical joints,” he added.

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