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Inflatable Stoppers come in many shapes, sizes and materials

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Reducing volume or blocking pipes, tanks or other circular orifices for purging, routine maintenance or to prevent the entry of foreign bodies can be much easier with an Inflatable Pipestopper(R).

A range of standard and non-standard Inflatable Stoppers for tanks, chambers, tubes, pipes, pipework fabrications and ductwork are available from the Pipestoppers Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques(R) (HFT).

HFT comments on recent project

Recently, three extra large Inflatable Stoppers were manufactured for a special project. Georgia Gascoyne, CEO at HFT said: “The two 84 in. and one 90 in. were ordered for a project where large diameter pipes inside a turbo generator needed sealing. Within two weeks we were able to manufacture these special Inflatable Stoppers, which helped make the project a success.”

Diverse uses

These versatile Inflatable Stoppers are used to service a wide variety of industrial applications. As ‘overnight stoppers’ they provide a strong barrier in pipeline activities, to prevent foreign bodies entering the line during downtime.

In machining applications, they can be inserted below a horizontal flange on a vertical pipe, to prevent machining fluid, swarf and tools from falling into expensive machinery such as pumps and turbines etc.

When welding large tanks and vessels, stoppers inflated with air can dramatically reduce the volume inside, so that the argon purging process takes little time and uses the minimum of expensive gas. The stoppers pay for themselves in one weld and can be used multiple times.

Other applications include leak testing of pipework systems, whether commercial, domestic or industrial, on site thermoforming of bends in plastic materials and fibre optic construction projects.

Manufacturing the stoppers

All Inflatable Stoppers are manufactured with a strong internal inflatable bag covered in waterproof sewn polyurethane coated nylon for low friction and to prevent the production of static electricity or accidental sparking.

Inflatable Stoppers are particularly useful when one or more can be inserted into a small opening close to a work location, rather than at the end of the pipe, tank or vessel. No high-pressure equipment is needed for inflation.

The standard range of Inflatable Stoppers are available for immediate delivery in cylindrical or spherical formats with sizes ranging from 1 - 96 in. (25 - 2440 mm).

Inflatable Stoppers are available with heat resistant covers to protect them against high temperatures. HFT also has a range of Rubber Inflatable Stoppers that are suitable for petrochemical applications and are resistant to all hydrocarbon fluids and gases.

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