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Crude Unit Corrosion Guide, A Complete How-To Guide, Third Edition

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NACE International has published the third edition of its popular book on crude unit corrosion. An essential resource for Plant Operators, Process Engineers, Metallurgists, Maintenance Engineers, and Inspectors, this book offers updated information for anyone who deals with crude unit corrosion and fouling issues on a daily basis.

Author Joerg Gutzeit offers insight from his more than fifty years of experience of corrosion control in the petroleum industry. Gutzeit also includes data that reflects the industry’s consensus experiences reported at past meetings of the NACE STG34 Committee on Petroleum Refining and Gas Processing and the API Subcommittee on Corrosion and Materials. Diluent recovery units (DRUs) and vacuum distillation units (VDUs) of bitumen upgraders are now included in the discussions where appropriate.

Crude Unit Corrosion Guide presents a compact overview of most important aspects of corrosion and fouling control in the atmospheric and vacuum sections of crude units and the corresponding sections in bitumen upgraders. Various chapters deal with metallurgy and corrosion monitoring; crude tank settling and desalting; caustic injection; preheat exchanger fouling; sulfidic and naphthenic acid corrosion in fired heaters, transfer lines, and distillation columns.

Other chapters cover corrosion and fouling by inorganic and organic chlorides in the top of columns and in overhead systems and various issues with neutralizer, corrosion inhibitor, and water injection systems. Important reports, research papers, and monographs published during the past 60 years or so are cited in the text.

The 251-page book is sold for $110.00 ($82.50 for NACE Members) at NACE International’s online bookstore. It is available For more information, visit

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