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Gas detector distribution

World Pipelines,

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has signed an agreement with GasSecure AS for the distribution of GasSecure’s ISA100 Wireless based gas detectors through Yokogawa’s global sales network. With this agreement, Yokogawa gains access to GasSecure’s wireless gas detectors and thereby strengthens its lineup of plant field wireless solutions and enhances its support of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) management applications. This agreement will also allow GasSecure to gain access to Yokogawa’s global sales and service network and thereby boost the sales of its wireless gas detectors.

Wireless gas detector features

The detectors detect leaks of hydrocarbon gas that can cause explosions. Utilising ultra low power infrared sensors, they perform measurements and send that information wirelessly to the host monitoring system. The key features include:

High reliability

As gas leaks are a frequent cause of major plant incidents, it is very important to have a highly reliable gas detection system that keeps plant personnel constantly up to date on any changes in gas concentration levels. With a five second response time, GasSecure’s wireless gas detectors are able to perform highly specific and reliable infrared measurements of gas concentrations and wirelessly update a host monitoring system. With their ISA100 Wireless mesh network capability and their reliance on dual redundant communication paths between the detector and the host monitoring system, they are at least the equivalent of any wired alternative with respect to reliability.

High availability

With heated optical surfaces for removing condensation, GasSecure’s wireless gas detectors are suitable for use in highly humid environments and have excellent availability under a wide range of conditions, from tropical to arctic. The GasSecure detectors also utilise a stable triple wavelength infrared technology that eliminates the need for calibration for the entire lifetime of the product, something that is not possible with conventional instruments.

Low power consumption

The power consumed by these gas detectors averages just 5 mW thanks to the use of micro electro mechanical system technology. Compared to other battery powered gas detectors, GasSecure’s products have a much longer battery life, and are also more reliable.

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