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ESAB welcomes new filler metals

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ESAB has been working to make it easier for its customers to identify and purchase filler metals that are compatible with its recently launched Rebel multi-process welding machine.

Customers have been reporting that the Rebel smart metal inert gas (sMIG) welding function provides a stable arc and with a colour screen, the user-interface makes setups easy. However, to help its customers maximise productivity without compromising quality, ESAB has published a list of Rebel-compatible filler metals.

No fewer than four MIG wires (including two for stainless steel), two flux-cored wires and three MMA welding electrodes (one for stainless steel) are included on the list. In addition, customers can use their own choice of filler metal when tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding with the Rebel.

A new webpage has been added to the Rebel section of the ESAB website so customers can see at a glance which filler metals should be with the Rebel machine. For each filler metal, a link is provided for access to more detailed product information.

The Rebel’s sMIG function produces a smooth arc so, to complement this, ESAB recommends its smooth feeding OK AristoRod 12.50 non-copper-coated wire with advanced surface characteristics. As well as benefiting from smooth feeding, this wire also promotes longer torch life, reduces spatter, ensures excellent arc ignition and emits low levels of fumes.

ESAB’s OK Autrod 12.51 is a copper-coated wire that provides a more fluid puddle and smoother bed profile. A high quality finish on the wire reduces copper flaking compared to lower quality wires.

For fabricating austenitic stainless steel, ESAB recommends using the Rebel’s inductance function and running OK Autrod 308LSi to further enhance wetting, reduce weld crown and improve tie-in. Low carbon reduce the risk of intergranular corrosion and higher silicon improve the welding properties. For applications where enhanced corrosion resistance is required, the Rebel can be paired with higher alloyed ESAB filler metals such as OK Autrod 316LSi.

When galvanised and thin sheet steels (0.8 - 5.0mm) are being fabricated, ESAB’s Coreshield 15 flux-cored wire is suitable for all-positional, single pass welding. In addition to producing a smooth arc, Coreshield 15 also ensures full slag coverage, easy slag removal and low spatter. Light rust and mill scale are tolerated and this wire needs no shielding gas, which is a further benefit where portability is important.

For mild and medium tensile structural steel applications, the Rebel provides great results when using spray transfer mode with OK Tubrod 15.14 (E71T-1) flux cored wire and either Argon/CO2 or 100% CO2. OK Tubrod 15.14 is an all position, which is approved to grade 3 by all major authorities.

When it comes to manual metal arc welding (stick welding), the Rebel offers high welding performance considering its portability and operation from a single-phase supply. To make the most of this capability, ESAB recommends OK 48.00. This next generation E7018-H4R formulation has been engineered to decrease moisture pick-up in high humidity conditions that helps prevent hydrogen cracking and non-porous welds to be produced even in demanding environmental conditions.

The company’s OK 46.00 rutile electrode is a filler metal that works very well with the Rebel. It is an E6013 electrode that is relatively insensitive to rust or other surface impurities, producing smooth weld beads in all positions, including vertical down and with DC+ for Rebel. Easy to strike, restrike and remove slag, this electrode is ideal for short welds, root runs and tacking.

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