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Bestselling Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures third edition just released

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NACE International has published the third edition of Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures by W. Brian Holtsbaum, P.Eng. The book was written to serve as an indispensable guide for Cathodic Protection Testers, Technicians and Technologists and others who conduct tests on cathodic protection (CP) systems for on-shore structures.

The contents of the book are directed to those who are new to the CP arena, others who do not regularly complete all CP field tests, and experienced CP personnel seeking a refresher. With step-by-step instructions for sixteen survey procedure scenarios, the third edition of Cathodic Protection Survey Procedures includes updated standards and clarifies sections of the original text.

Author W. Brian Holtsbaum began his career in cathodic protection in 1957 at a time when information on CP testing and design was limited, he says. “When training new recruits, I often wished that there was a book covering detailed step-by-step testing procedures I could give them to study and keep as a reference.”

This book fulfills that wish, providing a reference manual packed with the diagrams, charts, and equations CP testers and technicians need to perform field procedures. The manual builds on the knowledge taught in NACE’s Cathodic Protection courses, and is intended to serve as a supplement for those with this background knowledge and who practice the safe use of instruments.

While there are several texts on the theory and application of CP, there are no other books that describe these applicable CP field tests in detail. This book presents a step-by-step procedure on rectifier or thermoelectric generator adjustments, inspection and basic troubleshooting, structure-to-electrolyte potential measurements, current measurements; diagnostic testing; adjustive surveys; commissioning surveys; close interval potential surveys, stray current interference testing, electrical isolation testing, road/railroad cased crossings, AC voltage testing, soil resistivity measurements, and CP tests on well casings, aboveground storage tanks and underground tanks. Included under each of these subjects is a list of the tools and equipment or safety equipment needed, precautions to be followed, step-by-step procedures, an analysis of the test results, and applicable references.

“It's a great book for reviewing systems and setting up tests. It's a great learning tool or just a good review. I would say if you work on cathodic systems you should have a book like this on your shelf,” according to one online reviewer.

“I offer my encouragement to the CP testers, technicians, technologists, and specialists of the world to continue to study and work safely to gather and accept only accurate, legible, and well-documented data so as to ensure the preservation of our future infrastructure and the safety of the public,” writes Holtsbaum in the book’s preface.

The book is available for sale on NACE’s website,, as a paperback or in e-book format, for $130 ($97.50 for NACE Members).

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