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September 2019

The September issue includes two regional reports exploring South America, as well as an array of technical articles on coating technologies, flow equipment and bevelling and cutting. In addition, there is an in-depth Pigging Q&A and our Pipeline Machinery Review.

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Fiesta time!
Gordon Cope takes a look at some of the upheavals and rejuvenations taking place in Latin America’s oil and gas sector, as it experiences a period of increased investment and development.

A land of plenty
Eric Han, US EIA, explores the prospects for development in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale formation.

One fount of all knowledge
Lauren Wiseman McCulloch and Richard Milligan, Intertek, USA.

Transport from A to B
Bas Coenen, Dhatec b.v., the Netherlands.

No fixed address
Nadia Reicher, CEO, Protem GmbH.

A clean cut
Michael Weymann, DWT GmbH, Germany.

Just scratching the surface
Frits Doddema and Sander Hofstee, MONTI, Germany.

The inside story
Maurice Batallas, Shawcor Ltd, Canada.

Pigging Q&A
Featuring ENTEGRA and T.D. Williamson.

Deep sea conversations
Theo Priestley, WFS Technologies, UK.

Reeling in the catch
Georgina Hay, ACE Winches, UK.

Why wireless?
Sandro Esposito, SignalFire, USA.

In case of emergency
Liam Jones, Rotork, UK.

One system, many hats
Richard Fish, Metegrity Inc., Canada.

Pipeline machinery review
Featuring Dillinger and Westermans International Ltd.

Getting to know...
Dr. Jun Zhang, Atmos International.

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