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October 2023

The October 2023 issue of World Pipelines includes a keynote feature on pipeline activity in Africa and the Middle East. This section offers insight into pipeline capacity and projects in African and Middle eastern countries, and tackles issues such as asset management, inter-nation cooperation, and digital transformation. Also in the issue: technical articles on pipeline isolation, subsea repair, trenchless technology, compressors, pumps and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Denso Inc. (Winn and Coales).

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Much potential, many pitfalls
Contributing Editor Gordon Cope offers a comprehensive guide to the pipeline sector in Africa and the Middle East.

Advancing pipeline infrastructure in Africa
MS Prakash, Vice President and General Manager, Africa - Emerson Automation Solutions, outlines some key challenges faced by pipeline operators in Africa.

Africa's time to shine
Arun Behl, Head of Business Development – Middle East & Africa, and John Downer, Senior Project Manager, Penspen, UK, describe how how energy producers in Africa can benefit from Europe’s shift in energy policy.

Conquering digital distrust in Nigeria
Adeshina Adebusuyi, Regional Business Development at James Fisher AIS, provides a blueprint for overcoming the gaps in Nigeria’s oil and gas digital transformation journey.

Green and lean: data driven asset optimisation for transmission pipelines
Dr Liam Trimby and Robyn Eveson, Klarian Ltd, UK.

Lifetime performance assurance
Red Paley and Gary Fitch, Sulzer.

CO2 compression challenges
Klaus Brun, Brian Pettinato, Stephen Ross and Todd Omatick, Elliott Group, and Joseph Thorp, Aramco Ventures.

Making subsea connections count
Aiden Hardy, STATS Group, UK.

Surge relief in liquid pipelines
Eduardo Zani and Pedro Flores, Celeros Flow Technology, USA.

Removing the guesswork
Aaron Madden, T.D. Williamson, USA.

HDD going green
Simon Herrenknecht, Herrenknecht AG, Germany.

Guided boring at its best
John Barbera, Barbco, USA.

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