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October 2019

The October issue features a regional report on the Middle East and Africa, as well as a variety of technical articles on deepwater pipeline engineering, pipeline corrosion, vacuum lifting technologies, a valve review, and more.

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Keeping up with the times
Gordon Cope discusses the rapid changes occurring in the oil and gas sectors in the Middle East and North Africa, as the region strives to adjust to the evolving international scene.

Ready for an investment stampede
Leigh Crestohl, Zaiwalla & Co LLP, UK, examines the role of international arbitration in offering greater investor confidence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Visions of the future
Barry Rust, Tata Steel, UK.

Sweet or sour?
Peter Bamforth, Outokumpu Europe, Sweden.

Guardians of the pipeline
Robbie Flannery, Pipeline Technique Limited, UK.

Trust but verify
Dr. Jeffrey David Rogozinski, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, USA.

Pipes as far as the eye can see
Gregoire Flipò, Tenaris, Italy.

Suction powered grip
Lucile Grellier and Isabelle Richomme, ACIMEX, France.

As easy as flying
Harry Crone, Suxxesion, the Netherlands.

More than a standard pipe
Tomasz Tkaczyk, TechnipFMC, UK.

A mighty modification
Neil Henderson and Rik Scheffers, McDermott, USA.

Preparing crews for the worst
Paul Attrill, 3T Energy Group, UK.

Co-ordination and control in Canada
Cassandra Sundvall, LaValley Industries, USA.

A different breed
Claire Spence, Aubin Group, Scotland.

Time to level up
Jeff Fleming and Kevin Siggers, ROSEN Canada.

Putting it online
Ivan Ruiz Stubelj, Emerson Automation Solutions, Norway.

Extreme makeover: pipeline edition
Aleese Post and Casey Whalen, CSNRI, USA.

A new era of organisational memory
Tim Bisley, SVP Software at Lloyd’s Register, UK.

Testing times
Brian Harrison, AVORD, UK.

World Pipelines’ valve review, featuring Severn Gloco Group and ValvTechnologies.

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