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November 2016

The November issue of World Pipelines outlines the challenges facing the development of India’s oil and gas industry, considers effective methods for pipeline spill response and tackling corrosion in pipelines, and includes several articles that focus on NDT and pipeline integrity.

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Forecasting India's future
Oil and gas development faces an array of policy, infrastructure, climate and economic challenges in India, explains Ng Weng Hoong.

Dent repair in mountain air
Tim Mally, Citadel Technologies, USA.

Enhancing pipeline performance in the Gulf of Mexico
Pablo Wiesemann, Shawcor, USA.

Looping around challenges in North Carolina
Wayne R. Noonoo, RK&K, USA.

7 lines at a time
Gregg Hennigan, Vermeer, USA.

Battling against breaches
Jon Douglas, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, UK.

Monitoring pipeline health
Dr. Alessandro Demma and Dr. Andrea Galvagni, A3 Monitoring Ltd., UK.

Optimising integrity operations
Jonathon Bird, MISTRAS Group, Inc.

Modern methods for dent assessment
Aaron Lockey, Senior Engineer, Penspen, UK.

Detecting defects in marine terminal pipes
Dr. Rainer Schmidt and Basil Hostage, 3P Services, Germany.

Diving into Danish waters
Claire Snodgrass, Bibby Offshore, UK.

Building bridges with the public
Darryl McMahon, (RESTCo.), and Dr. Ian Stewart (King’s College, Halifax), Canada.

Coming together for clarity
Miles Roden, Oceaneering International, Inc., USA.

Sharing tactical plans
Steve Bassine, Technical Response Planning Corporation, USA.

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