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May 2019

The May issue includes a Canada regional report; case studies from Saudi Arabia and offshore Angola; and technical articles on leak detection tools, precommissioning services and remote sensing.

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Bottom of the ninth
Gordon Cope analyses Canada’s midstream sector and the burden of proposed federal legislation and lacking international investment.

Critical engineering for Kaombo
Iain Whittle, Project Manager and Craig Patullo, Project Engineer, EnerMech, UK.

All about the water
Leena Carpén, Shila Jafari, Satu Salo and Elisa Isotahdon, VTT, Finland.

Achieving operational excellence
Bryan Voytilla, SPX FLOW, USA.

A new endeavour in Saudi Arabia
Karel Bockx and Luc Hoppenbrouwers, Denys, Belgium.

Layering up for warmth
Florence Cochard and Marco Bou Khalil, EUPEC Pipecoatings France.

In situ for improved integrity
Chad Carriere and Chad Allan, EnerClear Services Inc., Canada.

Corrosion control’s lines of defence
Cal Chapman and Mike Ames, Chapman Engineering, USA.

Testing a new leak detection tool
Stuart Large, Fotech Solutions, UK.

Pipelines vs power lines
Alex Rodriguez, American Innovations, USA.

Ready for the challenge?
Bryan Ng and Kjell Wold, Emerson Flow Solutions, USA.

Respecting Mother Nature
Wilko Koop, A.Hak, the Netherlands.

Changing the way we handle pipe
Todd Razor, Vacuworx, USA.

Next-generation MFL technology
Mike Niosi, Onstream Pipeline Inspection, USA.

Real-time inspection with X-ray vision
Ryan Green, Shaw Pipeline Services, USA.

Featuring ACIMEX and ALLU.

Getting to know...
Liane Smith, Larkton Ltd.

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