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March 2010

The March issue features a range of articles on managing flow in pipelines, including topics such as accurate flowmetering; advances in valve actuation; temporary isolation devices; and direct electrical heating for flow assurance. The issue also describes the challenges of fabricating and operating HP/HT pipelines; discusses techniques for automatic welding; and showcases pipeline machinery for trenching, earthwork, pipelaying and handling. A case study from Punj Lloyd describes the company’s largest EPC project in the Middle East, and an article from AKE Group advises about international risk mitigation for valuable pipeline assets.

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China’s race for oil
Ng Weng Hoong discusses the ways in which China is influencing the course of peak oil debate, with rapid expansion of oil and gas holdings around the world.

Safety as standard
Paul Waanders, Maats Pipeline Equipment, the Netherlands.

Pipeline design solutions
Richard Freeman, Corus Tubes, UK.

The pipeline buckle
David Bruton and Malcolm Carr, Atkins.

Making it last longer
J.G. Franklin, Jee Ltd, UK.

DEH: the ‘green’ route for flow assurance
Torunn Lund Clasen and Eldar Ystad, Nexans, Norway.

Total metering management
Donald Angus, Emerson Process Management, UK.

Actuation advances and innovations
Mark Clark, on behalf of Rotork Controls Ltd, UK.

Closing the loop with ‘Euroloop’
Wim Volmer, EuroLoop Project Engineer on behalf of NMi and Mijndert van der Beek, Senior Scientist at the Dutch Metrology Institute (VSL BV).

Isolation devices
Angus Bowie, STATS Group, UK.

Making double sure
Paul Shillito, Oliver Twinsafe, UK.

Advanced inspections
Michael Moles, Olivier Dupuis and Sebastien Rigault, Olympus NDT, USA.

Preparing metal tubes for orbital welding
Nadia Reicher, Protem, Germany.

Robotic pipe welding
Geoff Lipnevicius, Lincoln Electric, Automation Division, USA.

Pete Holt, IPWL, UK.

Pipeline machinery review
Astec Underground, Caterpillar & PipeLine Machinery International, Midwestern Manufacturing, Warrior Worldwide and Worldwide Machinery.

Strategic gas transmission
Amit Kaura, Punj Lloyd Ltd Middle East.

Mitigating the risks
Hanna-Caroline Imig, Samantha Wolreich and John Drake, AKE Group, UK.

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