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June 2012

The June issue opens with an in-depth report on Canada, which focuses on the regulatory atmosphere in Canada and the odds of getting a pipeline approved. In the rest of the issue we have: ABB writing about an EPC project in the Sahara; pre-commissioning case studies from Clariant, Weatherford and Aubin; technical articles on corrosion from Emerson Process Management and Exova; and a mammoth welding technologies feature including articles from Serimax, Hobart, Bug-o Systems, SALP and the Kuwait Oil Company.

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Rolling the dice
Pipeline approval in Canada is becoming a crap-shoot. Gordon Cope takes a look at the odds

Harnessing the power of foam
Dr Jonathan Wylde, UK Business Manager, and Kevin Lange, East USA Director of Business Development, Clariant Oil Services.

Dewatering deeper
Paul Whitwell, Global Marketing Manager, Weatherford Pipeline & Specialty Services, UK.

Practical pigs for impractical pipelines
Neil Johnston, Aubin, UK.

Oil and gas hots up
Sergio Casati, ABB, Italy

Software for successful networks
John Scrivener, GL Noble Denton.

Secrets to success
Olivier Jouffron, Technical Manager, Serimax North and Central America, and Julien Lavaux – TRDI CRA LNG Project Manager, Serimax.

Welds worthy of high strength steel
Mike MacGillivray, General Manager — Global Onshore Pipeline, Hobart Brothers, USA, and Mike Roth, Director of Marketing — Industrial Construction, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., USA.

Keeping your welds on track
Jeff Nelson, Application Manager, Bug-O Systems, USA.

Laser sharp
G. Bandera and W. Santucci, SALP spa, Italy, and C.M. Spinelli and L. Prandi, eni spa – G&P Division, Italy.

Reviewing radiography
Sunil Pullarcot, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait.

Soaring solutions
David Whittle, Business Development Director, Swagelining Limited, Scotland.

Compatible coatings
Vichai Siriratchaikul and Noranut Tapaneeyapan, PTT Plc, and Melvin Devadass and Tawat Thongpoon, 3M Infrastructure Protection Division APAC.

No wires attached
Kjell Wold, Emerson Process Management, Norway.

Ultimate ultrasonics
Sander van Nieuwenhuijzen, Exova, the Netherlands, and Mark Seiwald and John O’Brien, Chevron Energy Technology Company, USA.

The right tool for the job
Lilly Darnell, Quest Integrity Group, USA.

Can you handle it?
Brandon Jaynes on behalf of Vacuworx, USA.

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