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June 2010

This month’s issue takes a detailed look at inline inspection operations for the Langeled pipeline. We also learn about ongoing construction work on the OPAL pipeline, including some project specifics; and about the gas transmission network in India. Elsewhere in the issue, read about the latest developments in pipeline welding, corrosion control and asset management.

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The gas grid in India
Report from David Hayes on the Indian pipeline industry, including the growing importance of the gas network in India.

New generation of welding systems... the Vision System
Shankar Rajagopalan, VP of New Product Development, CRC-Evans Automatic Welding, USA.

Satisfying Europe
Thomas Rehberg and Michael Schad, DENSO GmbH, Germany.

Combating corrosion
Emma Perfect, LUX Assure, UK.

Mastering metering
Wim Volmer, EuroLoop Project Engineer, NMi and Mijndert van der Beek, Senior Scientist, VSL.

Inline vortex gas flow sensors
Mark Rowland, Trolex, UK.

The right man for the job
Greg Lamberson, International Construction Consulting, LLC, USA.

Old pipelines: a buried treasure
Art Hodgdon and Gaby Kfoury, Fluor, USA.

Going deeper underground
Dr. Marc Hobell, Head of Public Sector and Utilities, Ordnance Survey, UK.

A billion dollar decision!
Alan Robinson, Arc Energy Resources, UK.

Take care
David Bellamy, Product Manager, Semi-Automatic/Consumables Group, Tregaskiss. Underwater inspection.

Mission accomplished: collecting data from Norway to Britain
Dr. Stephan Brockhaus, Dr. Hubert Lindner, ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Germany, Tom Steinvoorte, ROSEN Europe, the Netherlands, Holger Hennerkes, ROSEN Headquarters, Switzerland and Dr. Ljiljana Djapic Oosterkamp, Statoil, Norway.

Up to the challenge
Derrick Butterfield, Volvo Construction Equipment, Germany.

Sophisticated pipe bending
Katleen Brusselmans, Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power, UK.

Equipment review
Pipeline Machinery International; Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG.

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